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Whew!  Finally got done with the first book.  What a difference!  Lots of details are kind of lost in the show....but the show has its own charm.  The music, for one, is never really mentioned in the books, but it's everywhere.

There are some details that I'm kinda glad weren't put into the show.  Having Dany get up at the end of season 1 with 2 dragons sucking on her boobs would've been really...well...awkward.

Still though, I love both representations equally. 

On to Clash of Kings!
KakushiMiko Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2014
Yeah, I know the feeling, I don't want to watch the show anymore after reading the first book.
Currently I'm stuck at the half of the second book because I have to read a lots of other books for my studies, haha.
Go for the second book soon before you have other things to do XD 
KoltirasRip Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I listen to the Audible because I simply don't have the time to sit and hold the book in my hand (though my folks own all of them so it's not for lack of opportunity.)  It's a lot easier to listen to them and be able to draw at the same time.  Someone posted every audible for all 5 books on YouTube in their entirety and it's gonna be some 50+ hours of audio to go through.  It's just weird because they were done years ago so the narrator reader guy has no reference for how the characters sounded in the show XD  Tyrion sounds like a leprechaun with his Irish accent, and every non-main character sounds like a crotchety old man XDD…; I'm just over an hour into this one right now.

Lots of stuff on Stannis already.  I REALLY hope he does something useful in these books, cuz he bores the everliving hell out of me on the show, and I DON'T like Melisandre at all.  The whole group just sits and broods on Dragonstone, wishing they could do something...and the ONE time they do, they get annihilated in Blackwater Bay with wildfire, then go running back to Dragonstone with their tails between their legs.  I just.....raaaaaaggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhdontcaarreeeee... 

Arya's got a lot more stuff going on in the books though.
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April 26, 2014